Why Almost Every Business Needs Professional Liability

Understanding the complexities of small, medium and large companies and their Professional exposures from all types of businesses takes a high level of expertise.  Many firms don’t fully...

May. 13, 2015

Real Estate & Property Managers…Your Risks Are Real

If your business is managing property you have risks that if not addressed or managed can cost you millions. Just keeping your property up to date and safe is a major risk. But one of the biggest r...

May. 13, 2015

Do You Own A Building In California?... You Need Earthquake Insurance

Natural disasters are part of the price we all pay for living on the west coast. We all take advantage of good weather, lakes, mountains and the natural beauty found on the west coast. However, fir...

May. 13, 2015

Why Your Law Firm Needs Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

The primary role of Directors and Officers insurance for law firms is to maintain financial stability, provide the necessary resources, direction, and vision to help accomplish the goals and missio...

May. 13, 2015