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Lawyers Professional Liability

Lawyers Professional Liability

“Admitted” and “non-admitted”

  • Minimum Limits: $100,000/$300,000.

  • Maximum Limits: $10,000,000 per claim / $10,000,000 aggregate

  • Minimum deductible: $1,000



  • Focus on solo to 25 Attorney firms;

  • Full prior Acts coverage available;

  • Extended Reporting Provision, offering up to 5 years;

  • Free retiree tail available once insured has been with IRIS two years and insured for four consecutive years;

  • Free unlimited “tail” coverage in the event of death or disability;

  • No additional charge for attorneys added to the firm mid-term. This does not apply to those added within 30 days of binding.

We can offer premium indications using the firm’s current application.

Please send completed applications for consideration to

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